Monday, April 6, 2009

Home renovations update

We have been working very hard getting our house ready to sell. It is a lot of work, but our realtor says it will all be worth it in the end. He says the real estate right now is all a price game and a beauty pageant.
What we have done:
Removed the old range unit and replacing it with a new Stove and microwave unit
Stained the deck and shed
Packed up about half of our excess junk and stored it in a PODS unit
Packed up all Jeff's studio equipment
Painted both bathrooms, the dining room and kitchen
Had the bathtub reglazed
Replaced the light fixtures in the bathrooms, dining room, kitchen and hallway
Updated and replaced the wall sockets and light switches in most rooms
What we have left to do:
Paint the master bedroom and living room
Touch up paint the nail holes in the basement
Replace the broken mini-blinds
Have the basement carpets professionally cleaned
Have the countertop in the kitchen replaced (waiting for installation)
Have the flooring in the bathrooms installed and the flooring in the kitchen re-installed
If we can get all of the above done without any set-backs, we are hoping to have the house on the market by just after Thunder.

Nathan "helping" with the painting project. He is actually removing the tape before we even had a chance to paint the wall.

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