Monday, April 6, 2009

Flooring headaches

Buyer beware. I do not recommend having your vinyl flooring replaced by Home Depot. As with any installation projects, Home Depot sub-contracts its jobs to other companies. Our flooring project was sub-contracted to Romanoff Flooring Company.
Home Depot sends out a separate company to measure the floors and determine the condition of the existing floors. When the installers came to do the job, they did not agree with the measuring assessment (big surprise). They refused to do the floors in the bathrooms all together since the sub-floors were concrete, not wood.
I was on the phone multiple times that day with Home Depot and Romanoff Flooring trying to get the job done. They ended up installing the kitchen flooring and leaving the remaining vinyl for another crew to come and install it in the bathrooms after we removed the existing flooring.
We were not thrilled, but okay with the arrangement until the next morning when we walked through the kitchen. It was so badly installed that there were visible waves. Whenever you walked on it you could feel the floor give.
We immediately called and they came out to assess the problem. It was installed so badly that it has to be completely redone - at their expense.
This has been such a headache. Jeff is working with the company to have them remedy the problem as soon as possible.

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