Saturday, February 21, 2009


Is fonduing a word???
Anyway, thanks to Aimee Rhea and the Dove Chocolate Discoveries, our new favorite past-time is fonduing. Everything tastes better dipped in melted chocolate.

Food Issues

In the past we have had issues with Nathan's eating habits (see past posts). Nathan still doesn't eat everything we put on his plate or what we are eating every night, but he is getting so much better. We decided not to fight with him or make every meal miserable for both him and us. We give him either a deconstructed version of our dinner or something else all together, but I still try to make sure there are some vegetables, fruit and meat on the plate somewhere (even though he usually doesn't eat much of it). He is getting so much better as he gets older.

Nathan so proud of himself eating chicken nuggets and cereal

It's a Girl!!!

I was finally able to upload a picture of the ultrasound from last week so I could put it up on the blog and share it with everyone. Yes, the Wisener's are having another baby. We are due July 12th. Everything looks great. She is beautiful:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Goodbye Big Fish

Our biggest (no pun intended) casualty of the power outage was the loss of all of our fish, including the very large talapia that had taken over our basement tank. If any of you had been to our house in the last year or more, you have seen this monstrous fish. This fish started a few years ago no bigger than a quarter and grew to full size at over a foot long. We have recently been unable to keep any other fish in the tank because he terrorizes and kills anything we put in there. We have been trying to get rid of him (humanely) for a while. Many pet stores we contacted were unable to take a fish that size. I had just left a message with a store who told me they had a place that could take the fish when the power went out. The tanks got too cold and all of the fish perished.
Goodbye big fish, we did not intend for you to go this way.
Just for perspective, the tank is 55 gallons and he is the only fish in the tank. The heater (to the left) and bubble wand (below the fish) in the back ground are each at least 12-14 inches long.

Winter Storm 2009

I just love how Louisville names all of it's storms and natural disasters, it's so dramatic.
Anyway, Winter Storm 2009 hit Louisville starting with about 6 inches of snow. This would have been fine if it hadn't turned to devastating ice overnight. Everything was covered with an inch of heavy ice including trees and power lines. The trees could not take the weight and many branches and even whole trees split and broke. This caused thousands of people all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana to loose power (again, see September's blogs). Living in an older neighborhood with lots of large, mature trees, it was inevitable that we lost power. Unfortunately, unlike September, we were unable to stay in the house with temperatures in the 20's or below. The house quickly lost heat and we had to abandon ship. Thankfully it was cold enough outside that our food could sit on the back deck in large Rubbermaid containers and not spoil. We took refuge at Jeff's friend, Drew's apartment for 2 days. Our power was restored relatively quickly and we were home in 48 hours. Our phone, cable and internet took an additional 4 days to come back, but I would much rather have heat than cable TV any day. Thank you to Georgia Power, LG&E and all of the other facilities companies working tirelessly to get power restored to the thousands who were without.

A few pictures of the fun in the snow before the ice hit

Second Jammies

Nathan will not keep his covers on at night so in the morning his little feet are bricks of ice. I was looking online one day for larger-size sleep sacks (like the ones used for newborns only bigger) and found some for more than I was willing to pay (up to $50-75 - no thank you). My coworker saw my search and said she could easily make one for Nathan. She found a baby bunting pattern (in size large) on clearance at the fabric store and made 2 sleep sacks for Nathan. Now he is warm and toasty in bed without the covers coming off. He loves his "second jammies". Thank you Mary Ann!!!

Louisville Science Center

As Nathan is getting older, he is enjoying doing things more and more. We took him to the Louisville Science Center the other day. It was not very crowded, which was nice. We first saw a dinosaur movie at the IMAX, which Nathan loved, then we played in the small kids fun zone and toured some of the exhibits.
Going shopping in the Kids Zone
Riding a simulator with Dad
Tired out from a full day of play
(maybe he is still a baby sometimes)

Las Vegas

About a year ago, Jeff and Nathan were stranded in Dallas for 3 days due to American Airlines grounding all flights for maintenance inspections (see first blog posts). After some back and forth communication with American Airlines, we were reimbursed for some of the costs and inconvenience of that event. Part of that reimbursement paid for 2 tickets for Jeff and I to take a fun vacation to Las Vegas in January. Neither of us had ever been there so we decided to go just for fun. There is so much to see in Las Vegas just by walking around on the strip. Neither of us are all that into gambling, but we did get to see a great Cirque du Soleil show and tour the Hoover Dam.
The lights and the activity in Las Vegas is more than a picture can do justice.
This is the hotel and casino (New York New York) across the strip from where we were staying.
The Hoover Dam tour took us across the dam and then we did an underground tour of the working electrical plant. It was amazing.