Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye-bye "Hoddy"

Next to Mom and Dad, Nathan's favorite person is Holly Steward ("Hoddy"). She has been his babysitter since he was very small and loves playing with her and cuddling. For the next year, Holly will be serving a missionary family in Zambia, Africa as a Missionary Nanny. Holly, we will miss you and promise to show Nathan your picture often so he doesn't forget you.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We drove to Fort Wayne and enjoyed a BIG family feast on Thanksgiving Day. My Dad's extended family is quite large and every year they rent a facility that was once a small school. This year there were about 50-60 people and so much food. There were even fun crafts and activities for the kids to do while the adults caught up with each other. Even though we don't get together with extended family very often, it was nice to see everyone and reconnect with people we don't see but once a year.

My immediate family at Thanksgiving dinner (waiting for the big feast)
Mamaw and Nathan make crafts: Foam sticker Christmas ornaments
The Big Feast

Monday, December 22, 2008


I have no time for blogging. If you haven't noticed, I haven't posted a new message or picture in over a month. Since the beginning of the holiday season, I have not had a spare minute to sit at the computer and compose a blog. Maybe after Christmas is over, I can do a marathon day of blogging and post about a dozen messages and pictures to catch everyone up on the life of the Wiseners, but not now. Sorry!!!