Monday, April 6, 2009

Car accident

To add to our already full plate, last week Jeff was involved in a significant car accident on his way to work downtown. He was not injured and the woman in the other vehicle had only minor scrapes and is also fine.
Unfortunately, his Honda Pilot was not okay. There is a lot of damage. Thankfully we have good insurance and they are taking care of everything, well almost everything. We do not have car rental coverage so we have had to borrow a friend's vehicle for the next few weeks. Because the car seat in Jeff's vehicle was involved in an accident, we have to replace that, but the insurance company will reimburse us the cost of the new one.
This unexpected event has impacted our home renovations budget. Because we have to pay the insurance deductible, we have had to cut some of the extra things we were going to do to the house.
Jeff took some photos of the accident with his phone. They are loading his vehicle onto the tow truck. In the center background, you can see the black Chevy Cobalt that hit him square in the rear passenger door. Both back tires exploded on impact. He was pushed across 4 lanes of traffic (no other cars, thankfully) and spun around 1 1/2 times.

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