Sunday, February 21, 2010

Norah's new skills

Norah is getting so big so fast. It seems she is doing new things every other day. What happened to my baby girl. Her biggest accomplishment is she is now sitting up on her own. She cannot get into the sitting position by herself yet, but that will probably be tomorrow's newest skill.

Another new skill we are not particularly proud of is blowing raspberries with her food. This results in food all over her, me and anything in her path. As you can see, she is proud of herself.

Future drummer???

Nathan and Zephan

One of Nathan's little buddies came over to play one Saturday and they had a great time together. Zephan is 5 and loves Nathan. They attempted to play Hide n' Seek, but both were giggling so much there was no real hiding and neither really grasped the full concept of the game, but it was very funny to watch. They also played for quite a while in a bunch of discarded boxes. They pretended the box was a boat and the rowed with Matchbox car track as oars.

Snow...snow...& more snow

Louisville got hammered with a few significant snow storms resulting in about 8-9 total inches of snow accumulation (not nearly the 3-4 feet of snow that shut down the eastern states, but enough).
Nathan was a little unsure of the snow and having to wear all those clothes to play in it, but with a little coaxing from Dad, he had a lot of fun building a fort/igloo in the back yard and a snowman "Frosty" in the driveway.

Norah and I stayed nice and warm in the house while the boys played outside.

After dinner I made "Snow Cream" (ice cream made out of fresh snow). We all enjoyed the special treat - Nathan like the chocolate.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Louisville Music Showcase

This past weekend, Jeff's band HeatherField had the opportunity to play in the 4th Annual Louisville Music Showcase presented by Krowe Records. This was a big deal gig where the band got a lot of good exposure and a lot of influential people were able to hear their music. Because they are a new band to the Louisville music scene, they played in one of the smaller rooms, but that didn't stop them from packing the room with people who were drawn in because of the awesome show. This is a great springboard for future gigs in Louisville and the surrounding area.
There was a photographer there from the Courier Journal Metro section who took some pitcures of the band as well as the fans watching the performance. The photos were posted on the newspaper's website. Great exposure for the band!!!
********** HeatherField is Awesome!!!! **********

There was also a picture of me and some friends, Jason & Terri Faust listening to the performance: