Friday, April 23, 2010

Nathan 3 1/2, Norah 9 months

We took Nathan and Norah to Portrait Innovations for Spring pictures. The did pretty well and we got a number of very good pictures.
Norah: 9 months

Nathan: 3 1/2 years old

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love this picture

I just love this picture. Jeff is helping Nathan with his soccer socks and shin guards. Nathan is completely oblivious to what is happening below and is instead playing with the button on top of Jeff's cap. Too funny!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Every year we brave the crowd and head downtown to claim a small plot of grass on the Great Lawn to watch the air show and Thunder fireworks. This year the weather was perfect and the crowd was intense. My mom came into town with my brother, Aaron and his girlfriend, Heather. We were able to get a great parking place at Jeff's work, just 6 blocks from the waterfront. The kids did great and we all had a good time. There was a slight delay in the fireworks due to a computer malfunction, but after about 15 minutes, we were rewarded with an awesome display.

Jeff and Nathan going crazy waiting for the fireworks
Norah's first Thunder

Soccer - 2nd week

Nathan's second week of soccer was SOOOOO much better than the first week. There were no tears. He ran around the field with his team and even made contact with the ball a few times. Of course, he doesn't quite understand the rules and he won't go after the ball, but he was 100% improved from last week. The best part was that he had fun. He even wants to go back again.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Often Nathan plays in his room instead of napping so that by the evening he is tired and cranky. He doesn't understand that if he would just go to sleep when he is supposed to, he would be happier in the evening.
One evening, Nathan was watching TV after not napping and he fell asleep sitting up on the couch.

First soccer game

Nathan's first soccer game was a bust. If you remember past posts about Nathan's first attempt at swim lessons, he was very uncooperative and cried the whole time. Imagine that same attitude in a 3 1/2 year old on a cold, wet soccer field on an early Saturday morning. Good times. Nathan cried and wailed the whole game and he had to be lead back and forth across the field by either Jeff or myself. He never once kicked the ball or even got close enough to the ball for it to accidentally hit his feet. I know I have said this before, but Nathan is not too keen on new experiences, especially if he has to perform in any way. We hope to take some time this next week and practice soccer with Nathan so next weekend's game is not another total bust.
As you can see, the game is going on behind Nathan as he runs off the field crying.

Outdoor fun

The weather has been awesome so we have been spending a lot of time outside playing at various parks and in the back yard. Enjoy some pictures of our fun times.
Nathan was "planting" flowers
Biking with the kids in the trailer
Swinging at the park
Nathan and Norah love playing at the park

Norah 9 months

Norah is now 9 months old. Where has the time gone? What happened to my little baby girl?
Stats: 16 pounds (10-25%), 26.75 inches (10-25%)
It seems Norah has reached many milestones all at the same time.
Pulling up to standing
(we definitely have to lower her crib)
Drinking from a sippy cup
Eating finger foods

Friday, April 9, 2010

Norah's crawling

Norah is moving!!!
She started out rolling every direction to get where she wanted to go. When she got up on all fours, she would just rock for a while then go back to rolling. Finally she started moving and she is lightning fast. Her crawl is a little lopsided on one foot and one knee, but she can sure get around.


Nathan started soccer at the YMCA this spring season. He is so cute in his little soccer outfit that is 3 sizes to big for him. The first weekend we met the team and took pictures. Games don't start until next weekend. I can't wait to see the little soccer players running around the field.
Go Purple Pandas!!!

Final Four in Indy

The Butler Bulldogs made it to the Final Four for the first time in school history and they were playing just a few short miles from campus at the new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy. Jeff scoured eBay looking for tickets so we could go and support the team. He got them and we went. It was awesome!!!
We spent all day Saturday in Indy. First we went to Butler campus which was alive with activity. We stopped at the Spirit Shop to buy T-shirts and it was very busy. One of the workers said it has been like Black Friday every day that week and they expected non-stop customers the rest of the day and thru the weekend if Butler won. Since I am a Butler Alumni, we were allowed to park on campus and ride a free shuttle downtown instead of fighting the traffic and paying large sums of money to park close to the stadium. All of Indy was dressed in blue in support of the home team.A view from our seats. We were at the top of section 616 with our backs against the wall. We brought binoculars to see the action on the court, but the stadium is so awesome, there was no bad seat in the whole place.
Jeff and I at the game
Final score: Butler 52 Michigan St. 50
We sold our Championship game tickets knowing that even if Butler went to the final game, we wouldn't be able to go. It would have been so cool to be there for that game. The stadium was full of Butler fans rooting for the team. Butler played hard against the veterans, Duke. They put up a good fight. Unfortunately Duke squeaked by with a win against Butler.