Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swim Lessons (another year)

It has been a year since our last swim lessons. If you recall, Nathan did NOT start out well. He did not want to have any part of the lessons at first, but after a few sessions, he did well and we enjoyed the class.
Unfortunately, we don't have access to a pool very often and Nathan doesn't get a lot of exposure to the water (except of course the bath water). This was evident when we started the lessons this time around. It was like we were back at square one. Nathan was again uncooperative, clingy and didn't want anything to do with the lesson. Jeff got the pleasure of Nathan's dislike this time around. One year later, he is much stronger and more outspoken. Most of the time he either cried or tried to leave the pool all together. He kept telling Jeff, "I'm all done."
The instructor actually asked Jeff if he knew that this was an advanced class. Yes, we know. He graduated from the Polliwogs class, we have the certificate to prove it.
As I said last year, it can only get better. Hopefully Nathan will get more used to the classes and be better in the next few weeks.
Nathan's not having it.
"Get me out of here!!!"
A little better with the instructor
The lesson is finally over
(Is that a look of relief on Jeff's face?)

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