Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The Frazier International History Museum (formerly known as the Frazier Arms Museum) in downtown Louisville opened a limited exhibit featuring Pirates. Today admission was only $1 per adult (Dubloon Day) so we decided we could afford the $2 and we took to kids to see the pirates. Nathan wanted to rush through the exhibits with guns and soldiers and armor so he could get to the pirates, he even wore his pirate T-shirt. He loved it!!!

Loading and unloading goods (pirate booty) from a cargo ship
Arrrrrrrrr Maty!!!
Just in case you were thinking of becoming a pirate, there are some rules to live by...guidelines...suggestions...

Gourmet Meal

Norah loves table food way more than pureed baby food. I had created a "gourmet meal" for her on her tray so we took this video of her eating. As you can tell, her favorite is the black beans, but don't be fooled, she finished everything (black beans, lima beans, bananas and peaches).

Norah's new friend

My parents came for the weekend to help built our play structure (that will be a blog all on its own once we have it complete). While the boys built, the girls watched and played. Norah loved the dogs and overcame her fear of grass to visit her new friend.

Buckets of fun

While playing one evening in the basement, Nathan decided it would be fun to stuff himself into a small toy bucket:

Norah couldn't be left out of the fun and had to join in as well (of course she fits a little better into the small, cramped space):

Brother and Sister

Nathan's new do

Jeff's friend, Drew, left a tub of hair gel/lacquer at our house so Jeff tried it out on Nathan's hair. Nathan was proud of his new spiky do. It didn't last long since he couldn't stop from reaching up and touching it.


Norah was crawling around and playing while I folded laundry and the next thing I knew, she had overturned the laundry basket on top of herself and she was stuck. I of course laughed and ran for the camera before rescuing my poor, pathetic, mischievous baby.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 March for Babies

Every year I walk with Team Stacy in the March of Dimes March for Babies to raise money and awareness for this organization to help prevent prematurity and infant mortality. This year we were a one-family team, but we still had a fun time walking. They moved the walk to downtown Louisville starting at the Slugger Stadium and crossing the 2nd Street bridge. Although it was a little cold & windy, we felt like we represented the team well and had a lot of fun together.

Nathan or Norah?

Jeff's all-time favorite picture of Nathan as an infant is of him gnawing on the side of his crib. Jeff was able to capture a similar picture of Norah gnawing on the side of her playpen. They look very similar in this side-by-side comparison.
Nathan: 10 months
Norah: 10 months

Derby Parade

At Nathan and Norah's daycare, they celebrate Derby every day the week before the infamous race with different events each day. They had a cute parade through the hospital representing local Derby events.
Nathan dressed as a jockey and paraded with his class who were all in decorated hats.

Norah's class paraded around in a rolling crib representing the Bed Races.