Monday, April 20, 2009


We love the Thunder fireworks (opening event of the Derby Festival). They are so spectacular and awesome. Once you see Thunder, all other fireworks pale in comparison. We have gone many years and keep coming back. My mom comes into town just for the event. We fight the crowd (nearly 700,000 this year) and squeeze into a small plot of land on the Waterfront for the best view of the air show and fireworks. This year the weather was perfect and the crowd was extra crowded.
Nathan did so well playing, eating, walking and just hanging out with us. He loved the airplanes and was fascinated with the fireworks. He was not scared at all. In fact, he had such a full day, he actually fell asleep about half way through the 30 minute display.
We had a great day.
2 cool dudes
Thunder Fireworks
Yes, he really fell asleep!!

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