Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daddy's little girl

Brother and Sister

Nathan age 6 weeks

Norah age 2 weeks

It looks as though we had the same kid twice. Nathan and Norah look very much alike. It will be interesting to see how they develop as they get older.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Brother

Nathan is adjusting to being a big brother, as any 2 1/2 year old would. There has been a lot of changes for one little boy to handle. We have been reading him books about being a Big Brother and letting him help with feeding diapering Norah hoping to help with the transition. We can tell he really loves his baby sister.

The boys

Three generations of Elser boys
It was so wonderful that my whole family could get together at the same time. With schedules and busy lives, it was great that we could all be together for Norah's home coming.

So Many Thanks

Throughout this whole ordeal, there have been so many people who have stepped up to help us out, either with the moving process or with the birth of Norah. I want to take a few minutes to thank some of them personally.

Keith Nutter - Remax Properties East
Our Realtor (Chris Wall), was out of town for the week of our scheduled closing. His friend and co-worker picked up his clients during this time. What was supposed to be a simple "show up at closing" commitment turned into so much more with all of the complications and delays related to the lien and closing, etc. Keith was excellent through everything. He was our advocate every step of the way and made things happen so we could finally close only 4 days after our original date. He definitely went above and beyond his original commitment and we will forever be grateful.

Mary Catherine
Thank you for staying overnight with Nathan while Jeff and I were in the hospital. This was the one thing we were most concerned with, who would stay with Nathan. You are truly a great friend.

Andy & Jenni, Aaron & Heather
I can't thank my brothers and spouse (significant other) enough for coming down to Louisville on a holiday weekend and helping unload boxes and assemble furniture for us. Whatever we asked, you did. We could not have gotten as much done without your help.

My Mom and Dad
So many thanks for also coming down to Louisville and helping with the move, but also for staying and helping during the first week as we transition into the new house and as a new family of four. Mom has been so helpful taking care of Nathan and Norah as well as continuing to unload boxes and organize the house. Unfortunately my parents live 4 hours from here, but we are so grateful that they are so willing to come at a moments notice to help when we need them the most.

Pictures of Norah

Oprah - here we come

There has been SOOOO much going on in our lives that would overwhelm just about anyone. One person even suggested we contact Oprah with our story. But seriously, it is amazing how much has happened in such a short period of time - any one of which would be a lot.
Of course no one plans to sell their house and have a baby at the same time. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to us. Not just the same time, but both happened on the same day. July 2nd will always be special for us and will always be remembered.
A short synopsis of the events:
Wednesday evening, July 1st, I felt my first contraction at about 7 pm. They were annoying, but not bad or very regular. After about an hour, they were not going away and getting worse so we contacted the doctor and she told us to come in given my history of fast labor. We were admitted at 9 pm, dilated 3 cm. They wanted to observe me for 2 hours and see if the contractions progressed labor. At 11 pm I was 4-5 cm so they admitted me. The doctor came and broke my water then the anesthesiologist put in my epidural before midnight. I was having many contractions and was quite uncomfortable so the nurse checked me at 12:30 am and I was fully dilated and ready to push. (For those of you calculating, that was 5 1/2 hours from the first contraction and 1 hour from when my water was broken). A few pushes later, Norah was born at 1:09 am - without the full effect of the epidural, unfortunately.
With no sleep and the excitement of the evening, Jeff had to go home, finish packing our house and close on both properties at 3 pm that same day.
The next morning was move day so that was another stressful day. I missed the entire closing and moving process while I was in the hospital. I came home the next day to a brand new home.
CRAZY!!! I don't recommend anyone else doing what we did, but it all seemed to work out in the end.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Norah Katherine

After a very fast labor, we welcomed Norah Katherine into the world on July 2nd. More info to follow. Right now you can "ohh" and "ahh" over our bundle of joy.