Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teeball season

Nathan loved playing teeball this season. We could tell he liked it better than soccer but if you ask him, he'll tell you he likes soccer better. Oh well.

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Norah's toddler bed

Norah figured out how to crawl out of her crib so we decided to convert it to a toddler bed for safety. We were afraid she would fall to the ground if we left it as a crib. Of course she was excited about her new bed but wouldn't actually stay in it the first night. We had to put a gate behind her bedroom door and a child safety lock on her door knob to keep her in her room. She eventually gave up and ended up sleeping in her new bed all night. I think the next few nights and naps will be a challenge but she will get it.

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Norah is 2

I know this post is a little late, but I wanted to wait until Norah went to her 2-year well child Dr visit before I posted her stats and achievements.
Stats: 25.6 pounds (25-50%), 33.5 inches (25-50%)
Achievements: I can't even list all the things that Norah can do. She is leaps and bounds ahead of where Nathan was at age 2 and even ahead of most other 2-year olds we know. The Dr asked how many words she knows and I had to honestly answer: all of them. She can comprehend everything we are saying and will repeat everything with full understanding of what she is saying. She speaks in full sentences and can be quite sassy with her words too. The Dr said it might be a good idea to start working with her using flash cards because her language is so good. She should start recognizing letters and numbers if we work with her. As of this week she has started requesting to go to the bathroom. She will take off her pants and diaper and ask to sit on the potty. She had one successful potty experience, but otherwise it is just practice for now (I think she is still too young). Another thing this week, she figured out how to crawl our of her crib so for safety, she is now in a toddler bed. The next few nights and naps should be interesting.
Norah is such a delightful little girl. We love her so much.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mission Trip

For the final part of our trip to Indianapolis, a group of families from our church helped a church plant in Fishers, IN put on a marriage conference for the community. We helped specifically with distributing flyers, setting up for and entertaining the kids while the parents went to the conference and also helping out at a local women's shelter one morning. Doing this family mission trip with our kids was a great way to show them practical ways to help others in a safe and fun environment.

Pulling weeds at Third Phase Christian Center
(this is most likely my source of poison ivy...Yuck!!)
Otherwise, we did a lot of good work at the facility

While the parents were in the marriage conference, our kids and their kids were involved in VBS-style classes and activities.
There were 8 families from Highview on the trip
Here are most of the kids from our group.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Day 2 in Indy we went to the Children's Museum. This is the most awesome museum for children because it is so hands-on. The kids had a wonderful time exploring the 5 levels of exhibits and play areas.
Indy Car

In Oct 2009 we took this cute picture of the kids on a penny horse
Nathan age 3, Norah 3 months
Same kids, same penny horse in July 2011
Nathan age 4 1/2, Norah age 2

Dinosphere Dinosaur Exhibit
Norah is roaring at the T-rex

The kids could try their hands at a dinosaur dig
They had to have the proper gear: goggles and brushes Our little family on an alligator

Indianapolis Zoo

We took a long weekend trip to Indianapolis to work with a church plant in Fishers, IN (family mission trip with our church), visit friends in Fishers and see the sights on Indy.
First on our trip was the Indianapolis Zoo. You know how much we love a good zoo.

The best exhibit at the Indy Zoo is the big indoor dolphin show. We got to see 6 dolphins perform flips and flops in the pool. Both kids really loved it. This is definitely something our zoo in Louisville is lacking.

Elephant exercises show
Nathan got an opportunity to touch the elephant's tusk and skin (leg) after the show

Nathan's first roller coaster ride
He was beside himself with excitement
He loved every twist and turn
Norah took a turn on the carousel

Norah's 2nd Birthday

On July 2nd, my little girl turned 2. Because of the holiday weekend (her curse for the rest of her life), we had a very small party at home.

Her latest a PBS TV show called "Word World". It is quite a novel show about animals and everyday objects made out of letters. It teaches preschoolers letters and reading. Both Norah and Nathan love the show. We decided to have her party "Word World" themed. Thanks to my amazingly talented sister-in-law Norah had a beautifully made cake with several characters on it.

Even though the party was small, we had a fun time celebrating our big girl and her 2-year milestone.

Happy Birthday Norah!