Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Nap Nathan

Nathan has a bad habit of not napping during the day. This would be fine except he gets very tired and cranky later in the evening. If we are going somewhere early in the evening, he will fall asleep in the car. The other day Jeff caught it on film and it is very funny.

Halloween costumes

Nathan picked out his own costume this year. We went to Target and got a good deal on a Fireman costume. He is super cute.

Who wouldn't love the cutest pink bunny ever:

Newport Aquarium

With my new work schedule, once a month I have a stretch of 6 days off. Since Jeff is off every Wednesday and Friday already, we have decided to use that time we have off together to take day trips with the kids. It will be great experiences for both us and the kids.
This month we went to the Newport Aquarium across the river from Cincinnati.
Nathan had the opportunity to touch a real shark. he thought that was the coolest thing ever. I think he would have jumped right in there with them if he could have.

We also saw Alligators:



Halloween at the Zoo

The Louisville Zoo has a great Halloween program for the kids. Every year the "World's Largest Halloween Party" gets bigger and bigger, but we wouldn't miss it. It is great to see all the kids dressed up for Halloween. Before we went, we had heard reports from the previous weekend about the very large crowds and the wait of over one hour just to get into the parking lot. We decided to go on Thursday to hopefully avoid the big weekend crowd. It was the best idea. There were very few people there and we were able to enjoy ourselves much more than in year's past. This year we went with our friends Ryan and Evan Stacy. Evan was dressed as Indiana Jones (complete with leather whip) and Nathan was a fireman (he took the hat off early in the evening). It was great fun.

Norah's first day at school

I forgot to post some pictures of Norah's first day at day care. Have I mentioned how much I like the day care center at the hospital? Well it's great. I love having the kids right on campus with me and I can visit them whenever I want. They are really good about photo documenting events and milestones. They emailed me pictures of Norah's first day while I was working that first day back. Enjoy!!
I don't know about this mom:

It's alright, I'm having fun here at school:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Blitz

I have been very lax in updating my blog lately. A lot has happened in the Wisener's lives. Hopefully from now on I will do a better job of keeping the blog updated so I don't have to write so many at one time. Enjoy.

Back to Work/Back to School

Now that I am back to work, Nathan is back to preschool and Norah has started at the Baptist East Child Development Center. I really like the facility and I love that it is right there at work so I can visit them ant time I want.
Nathan has so much fun with his friends. Last week, the fire department visited the school and the boys got a chance to play on the fire truck. Aren't they so cute sitting together:

Nathan had show-and-tell at school (his first). He was so excited to show his class his crab claw that he found on the beach in SC.

Children's Museum

Indy has one of the best Children's Museum around.
We took a day-trip to Indy so visit the museum and have a fund day with Nathan. He loved the big dinosaur display, the indoor Carousel and the play area. Even Norah got into the action with a ride on a vintage horse with her big brother.

The Youngest Son

My very favorite professor from college wrote a book. He was a Medicinal Chemistry professor, but he did not write a textbook, he wrote a memoir about his experiences while on sabbatical in Italy where he taught Medicinal Chemistry at the school of Pharmacology at the University of Pisa.
The weekend of Butler University's Homecoming, he had a book signing event. I really wanted to see him again and get my book signed. We decided to take a day-trip to Indy for the event and then go to the Children's Museum (again, no children on display, dad).
It was great seeing Dr. Salerni again. He hasn't changed at all. He is still the most popular professor at Butler, even though he has been retired and living in Florida for the past few years. As you can see from the picture, he is talking, which was one of the things Dr. Salerni was know for.

The Flood

While we were away, we had some friends watch our house and feed our animals. This should have been an easy arrangement. We should know by now that nothing is easy when it comes to home ownership.
Mid-way through the week, Jeff checked his phone and saw missed calls from Drew, who had been trying to contact us for about a day. When we final spoke to him, he revealed that there was a waterfall in our house behind the walls and the drywall was filling with water. He assumed that the water was coming from the roof since it had been raining constantly since we left.
A day or 2 later, we talked to Drew again and the walls had broken open and there was a waterfall in the bathroom leaking into the basement. Jeff instructed him to turn off the water and called a plumber to come to the house as soon as possible.
The culprit was a pin-hole leak in a copper pipe above the main floor bathroom. The plumber fixed the hole and stopped the leak. Unfortunately there was now a large hole in the bathroom ceiling, water all over the hardwood floors and a big water stain on the basement ceiling.
Soon after we arrived home and assessed the damage, we opened a claim with our insurance company. They sent a water-damage crew to dry out the areas. They brought in 2 very large and very noisy dehumidifiers. It took days to completely dry out the floor and ceiling. Thankfully, after the water was removed, the hardwood floors returned to their natural state so we don't have to have them fixed. The drywall will have to be replaced and the ceilings repainted.
While the walls are open, we are hoping to get some of the old copper pipes replaced so we don't have the same thing happen in the future.

Wild Animals of Hilton Head

We saw lots of cool creatures while on vacation. Some of them we caught on film, others you will just have to take our word for.
We saw alligators and crabs (see pictures below).
While walking on the beach during very low tide, we saw a sand shark. It was about 1 foot long and was by far the coolest thing of the week (of course we didn't have the camera at the time).
While walking on the beach one evening, we watched a school of dolphins feeding on the smaller fish just off the shore. We had the camera, but were unable to capture the dolphins on film (they were just too quick).
An unfortunate animal we saw in our condo was cockroaches. I hate cochroaches.

Norah's vacation

The Beach

Fun pictures of Nathan on the beach.

Hilton Head

At the end of last month we had a wonderful family vacation to Hilton Head, SC. It was great to get away for a few days. Thank you so much to my parents for taking on this vacation.
We stayed at a very nice condo right on the golf course (although none of us golf). We were a short bike ride from the beach which was our main attraction. Nathan was absolutely obsessed with the beach (the ocean). He would run in and out of the water over and over. It was so fun to see him love it so much.
Some of our other activities included a fun interactive Children's museum (no dad, there were no children on display), a bouncie activity center, and a day-trip to Savannah, GA.