Friday, December 30, 2011

Still into Legos

Between birthday gifts and Christmas presents feeding Nathan's obsession, Legos have slowly been overrunning our house. Nathan is loving putting together a lot of Lego projects. He is doing some pretty advanced things. Way to go Nathan.

Happy 5th birthday Nathan

On November 18th, our little boy turned 5 years old. It was only yesterday he was a tiny baby and now he is a little man.
We had a pretty low-key birthday. Dinner at Red Robin with a few friends (he loved the free ice cream sundae and even the singing) and presents.
Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Clean cavities

Nathan went to the dentist recently and did so good. His last visit was pretty bad with a lot of crying and little cooperation. 6 months later, he was such a little man. Even the dentist made many comments both to Nathan and in his chart how good he did.
Nathan takes good care of his teeth and he had no cavities at this visit.
Norah came along and had a great time playing with the toys at the office.

Highview soccer

This season, Nathan tried soccer at Highview, the church we attend. He liked playing with his friends from church. The season was short, but he seemed to have a good time.


October = Halloween activities
The kids had a lot of opportunities to trick or treat for candy with fun activities leading up to Halloween night.
Norah was able to trick or treat with her preschool class at the hospital.
Of course we had to go to Halloween at the zoo, our favorite activity.
Several parks and shops around town have fun Halloween activities sure to elicit lots of treats.
Our neighborhood is great for trick or treating on Halloween night. We went through 16 bags of candy that night, giving it away to tons of cute costumed kids.

Nathan at Disney

To celebrate Nathan's 5th birthday (Nov 18), my parents too Nathan to Orlando on a wonderful vacation. They went to Disney's Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, the newly opened Legoland and to Coco Beach. Nathan had such an awesome time with his grandparents.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Nathan has recently become obsessed with Legos. We have a big box of the basic bricks and he will make airplanes, cars and buildings for hours. He can get on my iPad, look up instructions on a Lego app and make various things with little to no help.
Jeff splurged and got him a Star Wars Lego set (ages 7-9) after they finished watching all 6 Star Wars movies together. Nathan laid out all the pieces on the kitchen table, followed the step-by-step instructions and completed the space ship in about an hour. He wanted no help from me or Jeff.
Enjoy the pictures of the build. He is so proud of himself.

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