Monday, April 6, 2009

Telephone run-around

When our PODS unit was delivered on Friday, the semi truck accidentally broke the phone wire coming from the street to our house. We have not used that line in many years, since we switched to Insight cable phone service, but nevertheless we needed to have the downed line removed.
Since AT&T is the main provider in the area, I tried to call them to remove the line. Since I don't have an AT&T account, I was unable to get through to a customer service representative on my first attempt. Next I called Insight, hoping they could help me. Of course they have nothing to do with the phone lines from another company. I tried AT&T again and was on hold for over 15 minutes before I finally talked to a person. He told me I had to call Insight and get a "special phone number" to have AT&T remove the line. That sounded like a bunch of run-around, but I did what they said without success. Insight had no idea about a "special phone number" and again insisted they had nothing to do with AT&T's phone lines. For the third time, I called AT&T and was on hold for another 15 minutes before I got through to a person and pleaded with them to please help me. This woman finally took my information and put through a work order to have the line removed.
You would think this would be the end of the problem, but of course not.
Our next door neighbor came over the next day saying her phone was not working. I did not realize her phone would be affected by a down line coming from the street to our house. We had to call AT&T again and have them come the fix the line instead of remove it (which they did that same day). At the time we asked that they cancel the work order for the line removal, which of course they did not. Thankfully, the AT&T repair technician assigned to remove the line called ahead and I was able to stop him from removing the line. When I talked to him on the phone and told him the work order should have been canceled, he just said, "There are a bunch of idiots working in the call-in center." I could have told him that!!!

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