Monday, August 31, 2009

Snappy Tomato

While at Shepherdsfest, there was a dude dressed in a Snappy Tomato costume handing out coupons for pizza. Nathan was obsessed with the tomato. He must have gone up to him a dozen times to give him a high five and just be near him. I think it all stems from his love of Veggie Tales. One of the main characters is Bob the Tomato and Nathan was convinced he was talking to Bob. It was too cute.

Heatherfield at Shepherdsfest

For those who don't know, Jeff has started a rock n' roll band with a group of very talented friends/musicians. Heatherfield is the name. The past few months they have been rehearsing and networking. Last weekend was their first venue at Shepherdsfest. Shepherdsfest is a Christian art and music festival in Shepherdsville, KY. Heatherfield played an awesome concert in front of a pretty good crowd. Hopefully this will be a springboard for other events in the near future.
For more information about Heatherfield go to Listen to their music and become a fan.

Toddler bed Update

A few posts ago I introduced you to Nathan's new toddler bed. The first night he stayed in bed and did great. Unfortunately things have gone a little downhill from there. He is not staying in bed as well as I would like. During nap time especially, he gets out of bed multiple times and reads his books & makes a general mess of his room.

We have even found him sleeping in the middle of the floor.

He'll get it eventually.

KY State Fair

Every year we go to the KY State Fair. Nathan loves the animals and I really enjoy looking at all of the displays. My favorite are the quilt and the fish tanks. This year the weather was wonderful (not too hot) and we were able to go mid-week to avoid the crowds. Nathan did great (Norah slept).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daddy's little shadow

Jeff was mowing the lawn and Nathan was following after him (actually running after him) every row. It was too funny, I had to get a picture.

Toddler Bed

In anticipation for potty training in the next few weeks, we decided to convert Nathan's crib into a toddler bed. He has never climbed out of his crib, so we haven't changed things until now.
Nathan got to pick out his own bedding to go on his new "Big Boy" bed. He chose Lightning McQueen from Cars (one of his favorite movies).
I was a little nervous for him to get out of bed and wander the house at night so we put a gate at his door to prevent such wanderings, but he did great. He goes to sleep in his bed great and when he wakes up in the morning, he plays in bed until one of us gets him up.
He is growing up too fast. What a big boy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

That's mine

With the second child, we are reusing many things we used for Nathan. We are reusing things like the carseat, the bouncer seat, the swing, etc. Nathan does not remember using many of these items since they were used when he was very little, but there are some things he does remember and he is having a hard time letting go of them and seeing his baby sister use them. Nathan has fond memories of his Bumbo Babysitter and his Exersaucer and when we put Norah in them, he says, "That's mine". He is going to have to learn to share.

Nathan age 3 months:

Nathan age 2 1/2 years:

Norah age 6 weeks

Sharing the Bumbo:

Water fun at school

Nathan's school had a water fun day where the kids got to play in sprinklers and at water tables outside. You can just imagine a dozen 2 year old boys unleashed at a water table (there are only boys in Nathan's class). The daycare sent a picture of Nathan playing with his classmates.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laid up

Sometimes Nathan says the cutest things without even trying to be cute. I was putting him to bed and we were rocking and talking to calm down for the night. We were talking about what he had done that day and what we were going to do tomorrow. I asked him to lay down on my shoulder. He looked me in the eye and so seriously said, "No, I want to laid up". So cute.

Wisener's visit

Jeff's parents came for a visit to see the grandbabies. They were last here in February and had yet to see Norah. We had a wonderful visit. Jeff's mom got to hold little Norah as much as she wanted, which made her very happy. We had lunch one day with Jeff downtown (since he had to work the weekdays they were here). We also took the opportunity to get Norah's 4 week pictures taken (see photos below). We had those done at Portrait Innovations so we could take the pictures home that day the the Wisener's could take some home with them back to Texas. Of course we had to visit the mall, but because Norah already has a closet full of clothes, we refrained from buying any cute baby clothes.
It is inevitable that there will be flight delays and problems whenever we go to Texas or when the Wisener's come here and this time was no different. Texas had been having a drought (which is hard to believe since we have had so much rain here in KY). The day they flew here there was a massive storm in central Texas and their original flight was canceled. They were re-routed out of another airport and arrived in Louisville much later in the evening. The return flight was even worse. The day they were scheduled to leave, Louisville had another natural disaster - Flash Flood 2009 (yes, they named it, again!!). We had a huge rainfall on top of already saturated ground causing flooding throughout the city (6 inches of rain fell in one hour). Streets and highways were closed due to the flooding and many people had flooding in their basements and lost power (we were lucky). The disaster made the national news (again!) with the most damage occurring at U of L campus and to the Louisville Free Public Library downtown branch (over 1 million dollars in damage, tens of thousands of books destroyed). They finally got a flight out one day after their original plans and all was well.
Since they are now both retired, hopefully they will be able to come up more often to visit. Nathan had a great time with his Memaw and PaPa, showing off his toys and baby sister. It was a wonderful visit.

Norah - 4 weeks

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waterpark at the Y

Just across the street from our new house is a YMCA with a great outdoor waterpark. The water is not deep (3 feet at the most) and there are a lot of neat things for kids to see and do. We have tried to go as much as possible to get Nathan comfortable with the water. He doesn't like to do anything outside his comfort zone. He will walk around the pool up to his mid-chest, but won't put his face or head in the water. He doesn't like the waterfalls that splash on his head. He likes the little slide, but doesn't like getting up to the top since there is water splashing down from above. We are hoping that the more we go the braver he will get.

Nathan was tired out after a busy day at the waterpark. What fun!!!