Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hospital Trick or Treating

Every year the Baptist East Child Development Center trick or treats through the hospital. The kids dress up in their costumes while the parents, volunteers, and employees get to hand out candy. They only tour the main floor (not the patient-care units), but plenty of departments send representatives down to participate in the activity.
This is a picture of the long hallway leading into the hospital. Jeff & Nathan are in the back of the line, very hard to see them.

Nathan dressed in his fireman costume again and went around with his class. Nathan's class is unique in that there are only boys (no girls), so they had a father-son Halloween party. All the kids got to invite their dads (or grandpas, uncles, etc.) to join them for the trick or treating and lunch after. Nathan was not at all into the experience. I think it bothered him to have so many people around and any attention on him. He was whiney and didn't participate much. As you can see, Jeff had to carry him most of the time and even work Nathan's fireman hat.

While Jeff was with Nathan, I went with Norah's class. The babies were too cute in their costumes. They, of course, had no idea what was going on, but everyone loved them.

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