Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Night

In year's past, we had few to no trick or treaters in our neighborhood. Living in St. Matthews with fewer kids, no sidewalks, and lots of older people, there wasn't a need to even buy candy to hand out. When we moved into our new neighborhood, we were hoping there would be a lot more kids for Halloween. We were not disappointed. Our neighbor told us to expect a steady stream of kids from 5-8 pm. She said she typically buys $20-30 worth of candy and goes through most, if not all of it. We were excited.
Again we dressed up Nathan and Norah in their costumes (we definitely got our money's worth out of those costumes), then we walked around the neighborhood. Again, Nathan was not into the experience, he doesn't like to perform so he gets shy and whiney. He warmed up to it a little after a while. There were so many neighbors out with kids and candy. Many times we came up to a house where multiple neighbors were together having a party on their front lawn. They were handing out candy to the kids and appetizers & adult beverages to the parents. I have never seen anything like it.
While we were out with the kids, Jeff's band-mates stayed at our house and handed out candy. They even got into the spirit and dressed up for the kids.

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