Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Backseat Bible Stories

The other day on the way to church, Nathan was telling a bible story to himself. He must not have realized we could hear him because he was going on and on. Jeff and I were rolling in the front seat, trying not to laugh out loud so we wouldn't break his stride. It took us a while to piece together his story because he would add things as he saw them out the car window.
The story went something like this:
(the ... are for dramatic pauses)
"Jesus...and his friends...were hiding...on top of a house" (The last supper in the upper room).
"And He...was riding...on a turtle" (Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, the turtle was from a sign out the window).
"And He...was a tree" (Jesus' on the cross)
"And He...was in a fish...from Neeafa" (Jonah in the belly of a fish going to Ninevah).
"And He..." and so the story continued, many variations of the above.

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