Friday, June 27, 2008

Nathan and Ellie - BFF

Nathan's best bud is Ellie Lawrence. They play together all the time at church, play group and at each other's house. Ellie talks about Nathan all the time, saying, "NaNa?, NaNa?".
I snapped a few shots of them together the last time Ellie was over at our house playing with Nathan. They loved riding in the wagon together and eating a snack in the pack-n-play in our kitchen. Jeff may say Nathan needs some boy friends (friends who are boys), but I think it is cute how much they like each other. At this age, gender doesn't matter when it comes to your BFF (best friend forever).

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kapjones said...

There's nothing wrong with having just 'girl' friends....just ask Will. All the better for Nathan. They look so cute together!