Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

We had a fun, but relatively quiet holiday weekend. No fireworks for the Wisener's, but I have to say honestly I don't really like fireworks unless they are like Thunder (which I love). I guess I should clarify, I don't like small personal fireworks: "Out-of State Fireworks, Buy 1 get 2 Free" road-side stand, blow your hand off, etc.
On Friday, the 4th Nathan and I were playing in the back yard when our neighbors (Bill and Billie) came over to say hi. They invited us to join them at the Clifton Neighborhood July 4th Celebration at the Peterson-Dumesenil House. It was fun. Local artists had set up booths to sell their merchandise, fun live music, and lots of good carnival food. The party was on the grounds of the old Clifton Neighborhood homestead. We were even able to tour the ground floor of the mansion. Nathan had a blast running around on the grounds and sharing Billie's ice cream cone.
On Saturday the 5th Nathan and I went to Jaron Rhea's 3rd birthday party. We ate hot dogs of every variety. Aimee had researched different hot dog styles and had a lot of toppings to make them. I especially liked the Nacho Style dogs: white cheddar cheese, salsa, homemade guacamole and crushed blue corn chips. Yum!!!
That evening Jeff and I went with Laura and Joe Dan Beavers to the Louisville Orchestra concert at the Zoo (Roarchestra). Every Saturday evening in July they have a concert at the amphitheater at the zoo featuring different artists or themes and the Louisville Orchestra. This week was their patriotic celebration. We packed a yummy picnic dinner and relaxed on the grass while we listened to some wonderful music. Jeff and I have been a few times and we love it every year. I highly recommend it as a fun and unique date night.
Sunday was Highview's Family Picnic. It was supposed to be at a local park near the church, but the church facilities team scoped out the park early that morning and found there were no working restrooms (a big problem for hundreds of adults and children). They had to quickly relocate the church-wide picnic to the lower parking lot. There were blow-up bouncies and slides for the kids, live music from the student band, and lots of good picnic food (more hot dogs). The weather was a little steamy and hot especially because there was no shade. We had a good time.
Early in this post I said we had a quiet weekend, but looking back, I see we were rather busy. We had a lot of fun with so many friends.

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