Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Wisener's are car shopping. Boo-hoo!!!

Jeff's Blazer has been acting up lately. Last week he was driving it and it died at a stop light. He and good Samaratin were able to push it off the road and it finally restarted. Two days later, I was driving with Nathan when it died at a stop light again. It was a blistering 95 degrees and miserable on the side of the road. I had to call AAA to have it towed to the shop. The next day the mechanic was able to start it right away and drove it around for a while with no problems. He suggested a tune-up which would cost us $850 - the truck is barely worth that much. We don't want to sink that much money into it, but we can't continue driving an unreliable vehicle. We planned on trading in the Blazer next year after Jeff graduated and got a new job, but those plans have moved up in priority.

We have narrowed our search to 3 possibilities online. Now we just have to go and test-drive. I am not looking forward to dealing with the salesmen. I want to be firm with them and get a good deal, but they can be ruthless.

Wish us luck. I will let you know what we decide.

2007 Toyota Highlander

2006 Honda Pilot EX-L

2007 Nissan Murano

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Val said...

If you are thinking about going with a Ford product, let us know and we might be able to get you a discount. Just a thought!