Saturday, June 11, 2011


Instead of soccer this season, we decided to try tee-ball. Nathan wasn't overly excited about soccer so we gave him a choice to do it again or try tee-ball. He made the decision to go with tee-ball and it looks like a good one.

We signed him up at the YMCA. One good thing right off the bat (pun intended) that I like about tee-ball over soccer is that there is much more male parent involvement. His soccer coaches last year were mothers of team-mates, which is fine, but Nathan tends to respond better to male instruction. His tee-ball coach is a man (father of a team-mate) and at the first game there were several fathers helping base-coach and direct the action on the field.
After a horrible experience at tee-ball orientation and team pictures ($30 for pictures of Nathan crying and wailing), he did a great job at his first practice and game.
Me and Norah watching Nathan's first game

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