Friday, June 10, 2011

Allergy testing

Nathan has been plagued with severe allergies ever since he was little. He has one food allergy: eggs, which is pretty mild (we avoid eggs in most things, but don't deny him foods baked with eggs such as cookies and cakes). He is also allergic to cat and dog dander; which I just learned is the highest allergenic material. Even knowing those things, he suffers with allergy eyes making his eyes swell shut and water excessively.
At his last allergist appointment in March the doctor could tell he was really suffering and asked if he was getting allergy shots. He was suprised to hear we weren't getting the shots. Because of Nathan's food allergy and seasonal allergies, he is on course to develop asthma (although right now he has no respiratory symptoms). I was very wary of allergy shots and wasn't sure I wanted to subject Nathan to weekly shots for years. What tipped me over the edge was going to the pharmacy to pick up 4 medications to treat his allergy symptoms and the ear infection which was a direct result of the allergies. I also talked to a number of friends who either had allergy shots as a kid or knew someone who did. Another friend has a son about a year older than Nathan who has just started the shots. He has multiple food allergies and respiratory symptome related to allergies.
This week was his appointment for allergy testing. He was a trooper and only mildly complained when they poked him with all those scratches in the back. He was quite distracted by the movies on his iPod.
The results:
Molds High
Pollen High (especially oak trees)
Cat & Dog dander High
Dust Mites Moderate
Egg Mod-High
In the next 1-3 weeks they will be making his allergy serum and then we will start getting regular shots. There is an initiation phase which takes 1-3 months (50 shots), then he will get a shot once a week (full dose) for about 1 year. At that time, they should be able to start decreasing his meds and decreasing the frequency of the shots. The overall goal is asthma prevention and halting the progression of his allergies.

Watching Veggie Tales after the scratches were administered

Check out the grid on his back

You can see some of the red spots (positive reactions)

A3 = oak tree pollen

C1 = penicillium mold

E1 = cat dander

E2 = dog dander

It doesn't seem to bother him
Happy Boy

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