Monday, June 6, 2011


Nathan got a scooter last year for Christmas and he likes to scoot around the driveway and up & down the sidewalks in the neighborhood. Of course, everything that Nathan does, Norah has to do too. She wanted a scooter. She would get on Nathan's scooter and stand there so he couldn't have it...he would scream...she would scream...good times.
For Norah's 2nd birthday (next month), my parents got her a scooter of her own. It is a Fisher Price convertible scooter: it converts from a riding toy for smaller kids to a scooter for bigger preschoolers. Norah saw the box and wanted the scooter...she wanted nothing to do with the riding toy.

Now Norah has her very own scooter.

Look how happy she is to ride it.

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