Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strawberry pickin at Huber's

Huber's Orchard and Winery is about 20 minutes from Louisville. We love going there for their fresh produce, wine and fun activities for the kids. This past week they had just opened the u-pick strawberry season. The kids love fresh strawberries so we thought it would be a fun activity for them and yield some nice snacks for the whole family. Because of the rainy weather, the strawberries this year are huge and delicious. We could have picked boxes and boxes of strawberries and not made a dent in the number of berries on the bushes. We had to restrain ourselves because we cannot eat enough before they go bad. As it is, we got a pretty big box and have been eating strawberries at breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past week (we still have more in the box). Nathan and Norah loved picking their own berries. After a quick tutorial on which berries were ripe and which were not, they did great. Although, quite a few berries were eaten straight off the bush (shhhh...don't tell Mr. Huber).

While on the farm, we visited the Family Farm Park where they have lots of fun activities for the kids and a petting zoo. Both kids enjoyed feeding the animals and were begging for food at every new animal display until we ran out of quarters. Norah's favorite were the bunnies (because they were smaller than her) and Nathan liked the pony.

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