Friday, May 6, 2011

KY Derby Pegasus Parade

Nathan and Norah's school has a lot of activities during Derby week for the kids to participate in.
Monday: decorating jockey silks
Tuesday: Air Show with paper airplanes
Wednesday: KY Derby with stick horses and Diaper Derby for the infants/toddlers
Thursday: Pegasus parade through the hospital
Friday: Chow Wagon

Nathan's class dressed as "Thunder Fireworks" (see the hat)
Norah's class was Millionaire's Row
After work and school, we headed downtown for the real Pegasus Parade (one of our favorite Derby events). It was a beautiful day, quite a reprieve from the cold and rain for the past several days and weeks. There was a large crowd so we had to stand 3-4 people deep but we still had a great view. Thanks to the city's green efforts of installing artistic bike racks on the sidewalks, we had a "seat" on one of the bike racks and were quite comfortable.
It took a while after the parade official started for it to get to us, but once it did, the kids really enjoyed all the horses, floats and big character balloons.

Watching all the parade actionSweet siblings sitting together
Norah and daddy at the parade
(she is not sleeping, although she is very tired)

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