Friday, December 10, 2010

Shutterfly Promotion

Tis the Season...
For Christmas cards, that is. This is one of my favorite holiday activities...sending and receiving Christmas cards. I love catching up with friends who live far away and especially seeing their families grow which is why I especially love photo Christmas cards. I also love showing off my beautiful family so I love sending photo Christmas photo cards as well.
In the past I have used a number of retail photo sites to get our annual Christmas card. I have not been unhappy with the results, because my kids are so stinkin' cute and anything with their pictures is cute, but I am disappointed every year with the card selection process. It seems what I picture in my mind does not always match what I can find. I guess I just want to see more variety and a better use of my pictures in my photo cards.
This year all that is going to change...I found Shutterfly. Shutterfly is an online photo storage site that allows me to make cards, scrapbooks, calendars and so much more. I am new to Shutterfly so this will all be a learning curve, but so far I have seen so many great photo card designs. My problem this year may be narrowing down my choice to the one that is the best instead of settling for the one that is the closest (as I have done in the past).
Here are some of the card design I like (insert my cute family photos, of course):

If you are a fan of Shutterfly like me, they are offering a great promotion to bloggers for a limited time. I am definitely taking advantage of this offer (as evidenced by this blog post) and getting some great photo Christmas cards in the deal.
Thanks Shutterfly!!

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