Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas decorations

I think Christmas decorations are beautiful, a lot of work, but beautiful. I love looking at the lights and the stockings hung over the fireplace.
Last year I was not into it at all. We did some decorating for Nathan's sake, but my heart was not in. I'm doing better this year. I still wish someone would come to my house and decorate it for Christmas for me. That would be so much easier.
This year we are branching out and putting up outdoor lights. We want to be "green" and use the energy efficient LED lights on the trees and bushes. Unfortunately they are pricey so we are doing a little at a time each year and buying some after the season so in a few years we will have a great display. This year we have white LED lights on the 2 trees that flank the front door and they are very pretty.

Nathan and Norah watching Daddy string lights outside

In addition to outdoor lights,
we have 2 Christmas trees (one in each front window)
and the mantle decorated with our stockings

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