Monday, November 1, 2010

Tick or Treating at the hospital

Nathan and Norah's daycare have all the kids dress in costume and trick or treat through the first floor of the hospital. Many departments come down and hand out candy to the little goblins, witches and superheroes. Parents are invited to join the classes for trick or treating and also for the class Halloween parties afterward. Norah didn't want to be separated for either of us so we kept her with us and we went with Nathan's class.

Nathan (Super Why) lining up with his class

Me and my Halloween baby
Norah didn't wear her costume, but had a Halloween shirt instead

Daddy and his Halloween girl

Jeff walking the halls of the hospital with Nathan (Super Why)
and Norah - she had her own treat bag and it took no time for her to figure out how to work the crowd and fill her bag with goodies

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