Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big 4 Year Old

My baby boy is turning into an awesome young man right before my eyes. I can't say enough about how I love this little boy.
Who would have thought 4 years ago tonight would change my life so much. I can't imagine my life without him.
Everyday he is learning and doing more and more.
Nathan loves to play outside one the swings and ride his tricycle around the neighborhood. His favorite indoor activity is watching Disney Channel on TV or watching movies on the Wii (we have Netflix). He knows all his letters and can write his name very well. He can count to 29 with very little help. He has a super memory and can memorize scripture for weekly Cubbies homework at church with no problem, and can even remember verses days and weeks later. His current obsession is Veggie Tales, but that could change any day because he is into so many things. He loves to read and play with stickers. He has such a creative imagination and can make up stories about his surroundings, especially while in the car.
Stats: 30 pounds (5%), 36 inches (20%)

Happy 4th Birthday Nathan!!!

Big Boy bed in his new room

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