Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kristy's Baby Shower

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go up to FW for a good friend's baby shower. Kristy and I have been friends since kindergarten. We have quite a long history together. We had a minor rivalry in 2nd grade when both of us were due to have a baby brother born at the same time and my mom delivered early while her mom delivered late. It was serious business at age 7, but is quite funny now. Kristy and I remained friends all through grade school and high school, both playing in the band, singing in the choir and having many AP classes together. We separated for a few years after high school, going to different colleges, but stayed in contact. When she graduated from IU, she moved to Indy where I was still in pharmacy school. We got back together and our friendship became stronger. I have since moved away from Indy while she stayed all these years. Kristy (and her husband, Ken) are now expecting their first baby. I was excited to be able to go up to FW and celebrate with her at a baby shower given by her mother and family. I also reconnected with some other friends from high school. We had a great time playing silly shower games and having fun together.
** Keep Kristy and her pregnancy in your prayers. She is 35 weeks and baby boy Lawrance is quite settled in the breech position. Kristy does NOT want a C-section and has tried unsuccessfully to turn him to the proper position. Give Kristy peace as she nears the end of her pregnancy and keep baby boy safe as he either turns or ends up being delivered surgically. Either way, we are looking forward to his arrival soon.

Sarah, Julie, me, Kristy (& baby Lawrance) and Melissa
(thanks for the picture Kristy)

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