Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in TX (getting there)

Just getting to Texas was quite the ordeal this year. It seems we are cursed and something will inevitably go wrong every time we travel to Texas. This year was no different. When we finally arrived, I sent an email to my mom who was vacationing in Australia to let her know what was happening and that we had arrived safe. This is a copy of that email (I couldn't put it better if I tried):
"We made it to Texas. I wish I could say it was uneventful but that would be a lie.
Monday afternoon Nathan was sick with a stomach virus. He was vomiting and feeling puny. I had a little stomach ache that day at work but I figured it was all the holiday goodies I was eating. No, I got it bad.
I have never thrown up so much or had diarrhea so bad on my life. I couldn't keep anything down all night, including sips of water. It was horrible. I called in sick to work on Tuesday, which was good since I hadn't packed our luggage Monday evening due to being so sick.
Thankfully it was over by about noon Tuesday and Nathan seemed better as well.
We had a little miscommunication between me and Judy concerning the car seats for the kids, but we worked it out and bagged up Norah's car seat and checked it on the plane (which doesn't cost anything).
The flights were great and both kids did awesome. No problems until we landed in Killeen and none of our luggage made it, including Norah's car seat. What were we supposed to do? The airline provided a car seat until ours arrived, but we had nothing else except what was in our carry on luggage which was all for the kids.
Even that was fine until Nathan vomited in the car on the way to the Wisener's all over his only pair of clothes.
Could it get any worse? Well...we will have to see when our luggage decides to arrive. Hopefully early Wednesday."

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