Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas "morning"

Since we were heading to Texas for Christmas, we had our family Christmas a little early. Nathan had such a good time opening his presents. Even Norah had a good time. We didn't emphasize Santa this year. I think Nathan is still too young to understand the concept of Santa bringing gifts and who he is. All our gifts this year were from each other.
Nathan tore into his gifts like a pro. We were a little afraid he was going to insist on using his safety scissors to cut up all the wrapping paper, which would have taken a very long time, but he was fine just ripping into them.

Norah enjoyed her new little book. Otherwise, she just sat in the corner while we opened all the gifts. She was perfectly content.

Jeff uploaded lots of cartoons and videos to his iPod for Nathan and got him a child-size pair of headphones.

Nathan was very proud of his new sleeping bag. He loves using it in the basement while watching movies.

Happy Christmas Baby:

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