Saturday, July 30, 2011

Norah is 2

I know this post is a little late, but I wanted to wait until Norah went to her 2-year well child Dr visit before I posted her stats and achievements.
Stats: 25.6 pounds (25-50%), 33.5 inches (25-50%)
Achievements: I can't even list all the things that Norah can do. She is leaps and bounds ahead of where Nathan was at age 2 and even ahead of most other 2-year olds we know. The Dr asked how many words she knows and I had to honestly answer: all of them. She can comprehend everything we are saying and will repeat everything with full understanding of what she is saying. She speaks in full sentences and can be quite sassy with her words too. The Dr said it might be a good idea to start working with her using flash cards because her language is so good. She should start recognizing letters and numbers if we work with her. As of this week she has started requesting to go to the bathroom. She will take off her pants and diaper and ask to sit on the potty. She had one successful potty experience, but otherwise it is just practice for now (I think she is still too young). Another thing this week, she figured out how to crawl our of her crib so for safety, she is now in a toddler bed. The next few nights and naps should be interesting.
Norah is such a delightful little girl. We love her so much.

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