Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mission Trip

For the final part of our trip to Indianapolis, a group of families from our church helped a church plant in Fishers, IN put on a marriage conference for the community. We helped specifically with distributing flyers, setting up for and entertaining the kids while the parents went to the conference and also helping out at a local women's shelter one morning. Doing this family mission trip with our kids was a great way to show them practical ways to help others in a safe and fun environment.

Pulling weeds at Third Phase Christian Center
(this is most likely my source of poison ivy...Yuck!!)
Otherwise, we did a lot of good work at the facility

While the parents were in the marriage conference, our kids and their kids were involved in VBS-style classes and activities.
There were 8 families from Highview on the trip
Here are most of the kids from our group.

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