Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playpen fun

We have a playpen set up in the kitchen for Norah to play in while we are preparing dinner, cleaning the house, or otherwise occupied. We had the same set up when Nathan was little and they both seem to enjoy it while keeping them contained at an age when they are prone to crawl into trouble. When Nathan was about a year old he discovered that it was fun to throw his toys out of the playpen one at a time and make a big mess on the kitchen floor. When Norah discovered this fun game a few weeks ago, I had to get a picture and send it to Jeff at work. He was thrilled that she had reached this milestone just like her brother. He has always liked the picture we have of Nathan standing in his playpen surrounded by toys all over the floor with a proud grin on his face, so when Norah did it too, he loved seeing it all over again.

Nathan: age 12 months

Norah: age 11 months

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