Sunday, June 6, 2010


As stated in an earlier post, we built a playground in our backyard recently. About 3 years ago, Jeff was working at the Home Depot and came across a discontinued playground kit that contained all of the brackets, screws and accessories for building a playground. The kit was marked down incredibly cheap so we bought it and held onto it until we moved and would be able to put it up in a more permanent location. Fast forward 3 years and now was the time. The instructions in the kit give you a very specific lumber list with all the cuts needed to put the structure together. Jeff set aside a long weekend to build the structure with a friend who ended up not being available as he thought. Fortunately, my dad called saying he had 3 days off and would be coming to help with the build project. In preparation for the weekend, Jeff had the playground surround built, most of the lumber cut and some of the main support structures assembled.
Build Day

Unloading the Home Depot rental truck full of uncut lumber

A garage full of lumber waiting to become a playground

The large playground enclosure
A view from our deck
It sure was bigger than we had originally pictured

Nathan helping with the measurements to build the main support structures

Jeff and my dad building

The end of build day #1. Look at all that was accomplished!!!

Nathan and Norah testing out their new swings

7 cubic yard of playground mulch was dumped into the pre-built surround
for added cushion and as a designated play area for the kids.
Boy was that some pile of mulch!!

The finished product
A view from our deck

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