Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Norah's Croup

We have dealt with the croup with Nathan 3 times now and are quite familiar with the barking cough, the difficulty breathing, etc. We know what to do with Nathan when he wakes up in the middle of the night, we don't have to do to the ER anymore. The doctor diagnosed him with Spasmodic Croup, which only occurs in about 10% of croup cases. This means his croup is not related to a virus or an underlying cold or illness.
Yesterday, I got a call from the daycare saying Norah was having difficulty breathing, had a barking cough and had a temperature over 100. Since this was her first episode, she was younger than Nathan was when he started getting croup, and it was accompanied by a fever (which Nathan never has), I walked her across the parking lot to the ER and we had a full work-up and treatment for croup. She took it all like a champ: the medicine, the breathing treatment and the X-ray. Most of the time she was smiling and laughing between coughing fits. The doctor and nurse said she was the happiest croup baby they had every seen. That's my Norah.
She has recovered from the croup and is getting over the underlying cold that triggered it (she has the Viral Croup).

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