Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Zoo Pix

We love going to the Louisville Zoo. We have a zoo pass that lets us get in anytime for a full year. If it is a nice day, we head to the Zoo. There is always something interesting going on with the animals. Nathan loves going.

Nathan wants to climb on all the animal statues:

The tiger was especially active this day:

Nathan was trying to count the pink flamingos:

Nathan's favorite animals at the Zoo are the lizards and snakes. He is absolutely fascinated. I think they are a little creepy, but they are behind glass so I guess it is okay.

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The Murphy's said...

We didn't see you there!! Does the monkey back=pack have a leash on it? That is what I need for Jack..he wants to go, go, go..but not stay with me!! He's just a wild boy ..and he doesn't like holding hands!! Hope you guys had fun! We did!