Friday, June 26, 2009

Moving Update

We are scheduled to close on both homes and move next week, if all goes as planned and there are no more bumps in the road.
This has been a very bumpy road as far as selling this house and all of the little things that go into it.
If you look back at our previous posts, we did a lot of work to the house to get it ready to sell. We had a budget and stuck to it on the renovations. We did things like replace the ancient stove, new kitchen and bath flooring, new counter tops and a lot of painting.
What we didn't anticipate as all of the repairs we would have to do after we sold the house and once the inspection report came in. We have an older home, that is no secret. Everything is not new and perfect, but we figured the buyers were aware of that fact, obviously not. They got the inspection report and asked for a lot of upgrades that we were not expecting to pay for. Unfortunately to keep the deal, we did have to agree to a number of things that ended up costing us even more money (money we didn't necessarily budget for). We had to install a Radon mitigation system, a new furnace, replace a number of electrical outlets (again), have a plumbing ventilation problem fixed, etc.
If that weren't enough, last month our air conditioner went out suddenly as a result of a spark in our electrical panel. The air conditioner is fine (thank goodness), but the big unfortunate thing is that we had to have the entire panel and electrical line from outside into the house replaced (no small fee).
After all that we thought we were ready; a little poorer, but ready. These new buyers are practically getting a new house after all that.
It can't be that easy.
Just this week (only a week before the scheduled closing), it was discovered that there is an old lien on our property from the previous owner. Apparently when the previous owner got divorced, his ex-wife was owed $8,000 from the sale of the house that she never received. 8 years later, that lien is now $23,000 and is holding up the issuing of a clean title to the new buyer. This is nothing we could have known or anticipated. It will not cost us anything, but it will delay the closing until it can be resolved. Unfortunately we have everything scheduled based on the closing being June 29th (movers, PODS delivery/pick-up, cable installation, etc). We have until the end of business today for this to be resolved or else we will be delayed. Of course if we delay the sale of this house, we have to then delay the purchasing of the new house since we need the money from the sale to buy the new one. It is a snowball effect that involves more than just us.
I will keep you posted. Hopefully everything is resolved soon and we can finally complete this moving process.

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