Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Storm 2009

I just love how Louisville names all of it's storms and natural disasters, it's so dramatic.
Anyway, Winter Storm 2009 hit Louisville starting with about 6 inches of snow. This would have been fine if it hadn't turned to devastating ice overnight. Everything was covered with an inch of heavy ice including trees and power lines. The trees could not take the weight and many branches and even whole trees split and broke. This caused thousands of people all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana to loose power (again, see September's blogs). Living in an older neighborhood with lots of large, mature trees, it was inevitable that we lost power. Unfortunately, unlike September, we were unable to stay in the house with temperatures in the 20's or below. The house quickly lost heat and we had to abandon ship. Thankfully it was cold enough outside that our food could sit on the back deck in large Rubbermaid containers and not spoil. We took refuge at Jeff's friend, Drew's apartment for 2 days. Our power was restored relatively quickly and we were home in 48 hours. Our phone, cable and internet took an additional 4 days to come back, but I would much rather have heat than cable TV any day. Thank you to Georgia Power, LG&E and all of the other facilities companies working tirelessly to get power restored to the thousands who were without.

A few pictures of the fun in the snow before the ice hit

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