Monday, February 9, 2009

Goodbye Big Fish

Our biggest (no pun intended) casualty of the power outage was the loss of all of our fish, including the very large talapia that had taken over our basement tank. If any of you had been to our house in the last year or more, you have seen this monstrous fish. This fish started a few years ago no bigger than a quarter and grew to full size at over a foot long. We have recently been unable to keep any other fish in the tank because he terrorizes and kills anything we put in there. We have been trying to get rid of him (humanely) for a while. Many pet stores we contacted were unable to take a fish that size. I had just left a message with a store who told me they had a place that could take the fish when the power went out. The tanks got too cold and all of the fish perished.
Goodbye big fish, we did not intend for you to go this way.
Just for perspective, the tank is 55 gallons and he is the only fish in the tank. The heater (to the left) and bubble wand (below the fish) in the back ground are each at least 12-14 inches long.

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kapjones said...

Now why can't something like that would happen to my cat! :)