Sunday, October 19, 2008

Balboa Park and museums

Balboa Park is a large park in the middle of downtown San Diego, much like Central Park in the middle of New York City. It is beautiful. There is a lot of great architecture, trees, 13 museums and the Zoo. We bought a pass that got us into any of the museums once and the Zoo. It was so much fun walking around the grounds of the Park and going to see the many different museums.

Nathan loved this beautiful fountain in the courtyard near the visitor's center.

The Museum of Man featured Mummies and ancient Indian artifacts (the Mayan and Aztec). It also chronicled man's evolution (yes, from apes).

There was a Science Center that had a wonderful play area for children less than 5. Nathan had a great time playing with the musical instruments, the blocks and the make believe grocery store.
There was a water exhibit where you walked through a curtain of "water" with lights naming water in many languages. Jeff and Nathan must have walked through the curtain a dozen times because Nathan loved it.

Model Train Museum.
It was amazing how intricate the villages and scenery was. There was room after room filled with model trains.

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