Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jeff's New Job

Since Jeff is graduating from seminary in December with his Masters of Divinity in Christian Counseling, he was starting the job-search process late this summer. For the past year he interned at Seven Counties Services, Crisis Information Center which is a crisis call-in center. A number of toll-free and local numbers from the 7 surrounding counties filter into this call-in center with problems ranging from financial assistance to suicide. One day Jeff was browsing their job openings and applied for what he thought was a full-time counseling position in the call-in center he was already familiar with. The job ended up being a more behind the scenes position maintaining the computer system and resources the counseling center uses. Because of his prior experience with the company and the computer system, he was offered the position - Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Because of budget cuts in the counseling center, he will be working at the call-in center a few hours a day in addition to the requirements for the position he was hired for. I know he is excited to start working. His first day is Monday, Sept 8th. Congratulations Jeff!!

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