Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nathan's new outdoor toys

I have been looking at consignment for some outdoor play toys for Nathan with little luck. Everyone I talk to either doesn't have anything or if they do, they can't keep them in stock. We finally broke down and bought one on sale at Toys R Us. Nathan loves it. He can play for hours on the slide. We had to put a small stool inside for him to step up onto the platform and he likes to sit on the stool and use the platform for a table. He has been eating his afternoon snacks at his new "table". He also has a cool water table with a tower and water wheel. He loves to scoop up the water with the boats and dump it out onto the grass.
Both toys are easy to disassemble and reassemble in the basement. We converted to water table into a car table where he can roll his cars down the shoots.


kapjones said...

Gotta love outside toys! Those look great for indoor AND outdoor. Get ready to be outside all summer. I can't wait to get in our house so W can have a backyard again! Hours of fun!

Nicole said...
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