Friday, May 23, 2008

Food Frustration

I am in quite a pickle about Nathan's eating habits. I have always said I was going to try not to make different food for Nathan than what Jeff and I were eating. Most of the time, he gets a smaller portion of whatever we are eating, but most recently he has decided he doesn't want to eat anyting we give him. I don't want to give in, but at his 18-month appointment the doctor was somewhat concerned about his weight (or lack thereof: 21 pounds = 3 rd percentile) and encouraged us to give him more calories. They gave us some Pediasure samples to try. We tried to give him the Banana Creme flavor in his sippy cup, but he won't drink it. Then we were given the suggestion to freeze it and blend it into ice cream, but he still wouldn't eat it. The other flavor they gave us was Vanilla, so we will try that tomorrow.
The short list of foods he will eat:
cereal bars
crackers (any)
PB sandwich (sometimes)
ice cream
Last evening he refused chicken nuggets and he hadn't eaten anything for lunch so I broke down and gave him a cereal bar, baby oatmeal, baby food squash (stage 3) and baby food chicken (stage 2) - which he inhaled. I know he is hungry, but he refuses to eat the solid food we give him. I am getting frustrated, but you can't force an 18-month old to eat.
He's happy and active, but just won't eat.
Any Suggestions?!?!?!?!?

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