Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swimming Lessons

There is no way to predict how your child will react to a new environment. Nathan has always been a very agreeable baby. He is happy in every situation and rarely cries or fusses. That said...Nathan DID NOT LIKE his first swim lesson. From the time we got in the pool to the time we got out (30 minutes) he wailed the entire time. Imagine trying to listen to the instructor with a constant "Aaaaaahhhhhh" in you ear. I am hoping next week won't be a repeat of this first lesson. It can only get better from here.
I would have loved to get Nathan into the class last year when he was younger, but it didn't work out that way. Hopefully he gets more agreeable as we continue the course. I have decided to finish what we started even if he wails the whole time.
Other than the obvious reluctance from Nathan, the lesson was very enjoyable and informative. A few of Nathan's friends from Highview are in the class as well: Elijah Barnes, Lily Stacy, and Ellie Lawrence (not at the first lesson). The techer was very patient and knew how to deal with the little ones - even wailing Nathan. I was surprised at how much we did on the first day. She had the babies recline on our shoulder and kick in the water, we dunked them underwater, and had them "swim" to the edge of the pool. I was expecting much less for the first lesson, but I think it will be good for them.


Kristy Lawrance said...

Your former swim teacher friend commends you for getting him into lessons at a young age. Water safety is SO important and children won't be anywhere near safe without learning to swim.

kapjones said...

That sounds like so much fun. Wish we could be there to join all our friends!

lindsaylbarnes said...

I know your mom took a picture of Elijah and I, do you have it, and if so could you send it to me? Can't wait till our second lesson tomorrow!