Saturday, February 19, 2011

Medical Ememgencies

One morning, Norah woke up early with a slight croupy cough. She'd had a runny nose for several days (along with everyone else in the free world). I gave her a dose of steroids we keep on hand for Nathan's croup and made sure to turn on the cool mist humidifier in her room. The next night Jeff and I had a rare opportunity to watch a movie after putting the kids to bed. I came upstairs about 10:30 to hear Norah struggling to breathe with a terrible croupy cough. I quickly got her up and took her into the shower room for some hot steam treatment. I again gave her a dose of steroids. She did not seem to be getting any better after 20-30 minutes so we made the decision to take her into the hospital to be checked out. There is a new satellite children's hospital (Kosair) not far from our house. It is a beautiful facility and very geared toward children. They quickly assessed Norah and got her congestion resolved, X-rays taken and more steroids. The final diagnosis: croup, viral bronchiolitis and double ear infection.

While at the zoo (see previous post), Nathan tripped over his feet while running and took a nose-dive into the pavement. It didn't look like he hit his face too hard, but he must had hit and slid because his face too quite a beating. Poor baby scraped his nose, under his nose, under his chin and busted his lip significantly. Despite all the trauma, he did not want to leave the zoo. He wanted to see the rest of the animals.
Thankfully, even though his face looked horrible, the swelling finaly went down in 2 days and is healing very nicely.


Mich said...

Poor babies. I'm glad they're both doing better. said...

Thanks to you, and Wikipedia, I learned what Croup is today.

Micah, Tiffany, Andrew, and Elijah said...

So glad they are both Ok... I am a little behind catching up on blogs, but it is so good to keep up with you via the internet.