Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wisener's visit

Jeff's parents came to visit in mid-August because it had been several months since their last visit and the kids have grown so much. Judy couldn't wait to see her grandbabies. Nathan really enjoys visiting with his Memaw and Pop. He can show off his toys, his baby sister and his skills. They also came to celebrate Norah's first birthday, a little belated. As with every toy Norah receives, Nathan took over her new books as his own, but was able to share so Memaw could read to the grandbabies.

We stayed very busy during the short visit.
See other post about our trip to the Kentucky State Fair.
The pool at the YMCA is only open for a few more weekend before they close for the season so we went to the waterpark a few times. Nathan showed off his bravery and climbed the rope-wall and went down the waterslide all by himself. This is quite an accomplishment and he was able to show off for his grandparents.
Another activity we did while the Wisener's visited was we took them to the zoo. Our zoo recently opened their new seals and sea lions exhibit, Glacier Bay. We love going to the zoo, the kids love the animals. The new exhibit was neat and we were able to see a small sea lion feeding show.

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